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Guy Sawicki
Looking to reduce your annual household expenses? One of the first areas that many individuals begin to re-evaluate in terms of their budget is their overall insurance cost. While we understand that insurance is important, we certainly don’t want to pay more than is necessary to obtain the level of coverage we desire. Follow the tips below to reduce the total amount of money you pay toward Florida homeowners insurance cost annually.
Here are 10 ways you can save money on your California homeowners insurance:
1. Compare Rates Annually- Even if you have been with the same California homeowners insurance carrier for some time, it is beneficial to your pocketbook to compare rates on an annual basis. Ensure that you compare policies on an apples-to-apples basis when shopping, but you may be pleasantly surprised to find the same level of coverage for less with another top carrier.
2. Raise your Deductible- The deductible on your California home insurance policy refers to the amount of capital you would be required to pay in the event of a claim before your insurance would kick in. Raising this amount annually can in most cases, lower your insurance premium. Financial professionals recommend choosing the highest annual deductible amount that your household can afford.
3. Combine Policies- Many California insurance companies will offer you a discount if you combine multiple policies with them. Consider consolidating your auto insurance, homeowners insurance and personal liability policies with the same carrier. Ask your current insurance company about available discounts.
4. Improve your Home’s Security- Many homeowners insurance companies will offer you discounts for improving your home’s safety levels. Installing alarm systems, added deadbolts, and even smoke detectors could lower your annual insurance premiums. Ask your insurance carrier what types of discounts they offer before making any changes or improvements to your home or property.
5. Automatic Payments- Many homeowners insurance companies are looking to reduce payment headaches, therefore they offer a reduction in annual premium for either online or automatic payments. Be sure to leverage this option if it is available.
6. Pay Annually- Many homeowners insurance companies offer a rate discount for paying your premiums on an annual basis versus monthly.
7. Maintain Strong Personal Credit- While not every insurance company will consider your personal credit when determining your insurance rate quote, many are moving in this direction. Keep a strong personal credit score to keep your annual premium reduced.
8. Review Annually- Be sure to check your coverage requirements annually, rate shopping between multiple companies to ensure that you have the best deal.
9. Be Loyal- Remaining with the same homeowners insurance company over time can afford you discounted rates.
10. Use Available Discounts- If you are eligible to receive student, military or senior citizen discounts, take advantage of them as they will lower your insurance premium rates.
You can implement any or all of these easy money saving tips to reduce your total annual California homeowners insurance rates .

Guy Sawicki is an insurance agent in the state of California and he helps his clients get the best rate for California Home Insurance. He uses, a site that allows him to combine the power of the internet to match the best rate for auto insurance for his clients.
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