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Products created in Canada provide consumers a vast variety of choice. Although most specialty items are on sale throughout the region, a lot of items are significantly less pricey in their province of origin. Hand knitted sweaters and pottery are specially good value in Atlantic Canada, as is the considerably-praised Seagull pewter produced in Nova Scotia. The Prairie provinces and Alberta specialize in cowboy attire tooled belts, vests, cowboy hats, and boots. Farther west, British Columbian artisans generate elaborate carvings, jewellery, from locally mined stone, is also acceptable right here.

Nearby specialties from Quebec and Ontario incorporate maple syrup and sugar-relevant goods. Quebec artisans make stunning wooden carvings too. In Ontario, native basketwork is very good as a enduring souvenir.

For those who want an added suitcase to carry their finds home, the famous Tilley travel situations and merchandise are produced and marketed locally all the way through Ontario. Native carvings can be discovered across Canada, specifically in the far north. Real Inuit carvings are inspected and stamped by the federal authorities.

A sticker featuring an igloo marks a accurate piece it will also be signed by the artist. Given that the nineteen fifties, the Inuit have been producing prints of standard scenes, which are well-liked, as is native jewellery. Beautifully handmade parka jackets, embroidered panels, and delicate deer hide moccasins make superb gifts.

Modern Canadian artwork characteristics very in gift retailers and galleries countrywide. Pictures and prints are suggested for the spending budget aware shopper. Recordings of Canadian music are freely available: Europeans will be delighted to uncover that tapes and CDs are at the very least 50 percent less expensive in Canada. Contemporary sportswear and outerwear is the two durable and fantastically developed. Camping, hiking, and boating equipment are good buys, as is fishing tackle. With these kinds of a strong tradition of outside lifestyle, a wide assortment of merchandise is normally accessible at properly underneath European costs.

Division Shops

The bay is the key middle variety department shop chain across the region. Canadian department merchants have endured fiscally through the previous several years of the 20th century. They are modifying to meet the opposition of US chains, these kinds of as Wal-Mart and price reduction shops, and membership stores like Costco and Price tag Club. Chains this kind of as Sears and Zeller's occupy the center to reduced end of the market place spot. Canadian Tire sells every thing from automobile components to sporting merchandise and has become a nationwide institution.


Suburbia might not provide the most tradition in Canada, but some of the malls are good destinations in themselves. The famous modernist Eaton Centre in Toronto is enclosed by a glass and steel arched roof, with a amazing sculpted flock of geese soaring about customers. More than 42 million site visitors each year appreciate this showcase of modern day architecture, however it has been derided as "brutalism" by conservative Torontonians. Canada has the world's biggest mall, the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta. More than 800 stores, more than a hundred dining establishments, 34 movie theaters, a massive water park, an amusement park, a concept hotel, a mini-golfing class, an ice rink, and a zoo with dolphins are just some of the sights that draw Canadians and site visitors alike to this retail paradise.

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