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Benefits of a Virtual Office for a Start-Up Company

A London virtual office address will portray to the world that your business is located at a prominent business address and this allows small start-up companies to get their foot on the next rung of their corporate ladder. A range of services are available through a virtual office including telephone answering, call forwarding, mail forwarding, meeting room hire and call diverting and these can be bundled together into various packages or sold separately allowing you to customise your virtual office package.
Check out some of these top benefits to using virtual office services:
• Increased resources
• Reduced overheads
• Lowered expenses
• Less risk
It is risky and expensive to start up any company and a virtual office eliminates a huge portion of that associated monetary risk. They allow business to offer bespoke services with a lower financial risk involved, and a far safer choice for a start-up.

Phases of a Successful Start-Up

There are many phases that a new business must go through in order to become competitive and ultimately successful. A virtual office can be beneficial throughout all of these stages.

The problem : Time consuming rental hunting. When you are in the initial stages of setting up a business it is important to find an affordable office.
The solution: A London virtual office allows you to provide the presence of a real office based business without the time and cost of renting out an actual office space.

The problem: Expensive equipment. During the set up of any business, equipment will need to be invested in. Everything from chairs and desks through to computers and printers will be needed and this can quickly get very costly, even for the most basic necessities.
The solution: A virtual office has no need to be equipped with anything if you choose to invest in a London virtual office during this early stage; you can save considerable amounts of money on equipping an office space.

The problem: Staffing costs. As well as finding an office and equipping it with furniture, staff will also need to be found and paid for your company to be successful. Sourcing good quality staff can be hard work and finding the money to pay them is not easy for a start-up company.
The solution: A virtual office comes with a team of virtual receptionists who will handle and forward your calls as required. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of professional staff without the costs and hassle.

The very nature of a virtual office setup ensures that they are an attractive proposition for all sectors. Some traders who work from home can expand by using a virtual office while small companies looking to break into an emerging market can also take advantage of the benefits. The demand of your company will largely be affected by the way you use your virtual office. Some business will not need calls answered or forwarded while others may rely heavily on this service, so the best way to ensure that a virtual office will be beneficial to you is the make sure you manage it well. By using a London virtual office service you can use as many or as few of the services as you require, making it simple to customise your package to suit your budget and needs.

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About Servcorp UK

Pioneering virtual offices since 1980, Servcorp is experienced in providing high quality, tailored office spaces and business services including call answering and meeting rooms . Servcorp operates a network of global office solutions throughout the major cities. These include London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Sydney. Servcorp virtual offices London and IT solutions enable companies of any size to operate with the corporate presence, IT, infrastructure and support of a multinational organization. Contact Servcorp for a virtual office.
href="">virtual offices London office and IT solutions enable companies of any size to operate with the corporate presence, IT, infrastructure and support of a multinational organisation.

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