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Dr. Kamran Khazaei
A gynaecologist or a gyn surgeon plays an important role in your health care and it is important to choose the right one. Gyn surgeons, New Jersey are qualified physicians who treat women’s health problems. Good gyn surgeons are well trained, competent and kind. While identifying one, location is usually a deciding factor, along with consultancy fees.
Women’s reproductive problems are usually handled by physicians trained in obstetrics and gynecology. You may consult an ob-gyn or a doctor who prefers to focus on one speciality. Obstetrics, a surgical specialty takes care of women and children through pregnancy, labor and delivery. Gynecology encompasses all women’s health problems related to the uterus, ovaries, vagina and breasts.
The most common reasons why women consult a gyn after the age of eighteen, are when they are planning a pregnancy or are pregnant or when they notice unusual periods or PMS signs or have hormonal problems.
Here are some tips to select the right gyn surgeon in New Jersey.
• Begin by listing your needs or why you need a gyn. Now is the time to also check for insurance eligibility since some plans let you choose your own gyn surgeon in New Jersey while others require your primary health care provider to recommend one only when necessary.
• Ask your primary care physicians and their nurses for references as they know how to assess the gyn professionally. You may also want to inquire with paediatricians who work with gyns on a regular basis. Also consult your friends and family as you can get dependable feedback.
• Look for a gyn who has Board Certification in gynecology and obstetrics, which indicates that they are fully qualified and trained in surgical procedures. Board-eligible gyns are different from Board Certified as it means that the doctor is qualified to take the Board exam. Find out how long the doctor has been practising.
• Find out which hospitals the New Jersey gyn surgeon, is affiliated with.
• Get a feel of the doctor’s office by talking to them on the phone. This will give you an idea of their response time. If the phone is busy continuously, this may imply that you may not get through when you have an emergency. Ask if the doctor is usually punctual since some doctors keep their patients waiting for long periods of time.
• Try making an appointment. While this may mean that the doctor is in demand, you do need a mechanism by which you can reach the doctor’s office when you have a problem. You will also want to check if the doctor is easy to talk to and if he or she encourages questions and listens to what you have to say. Can you get in touch after office hours?
Gather your information about the New Jersey gyn surgeon’s practice. While it is wise to do the research, go by your instinct and how comfortable you feel since your ob-gyn surgeon will handle your intimate health problems.
Dr.Khazaei provides personalized & complete care for women of all ages.A family oriented practice focusing on the patient.Providing a warm,informative and personal experience.Provide the full range of specialized gyn surgeon new jersey & laparoscopy newark .
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