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Jhonthon Trot
Security cameras have become a necessity for all. It is no longer restricted to the commercial areas like banks, offices, malls, shops etc. People feel the need to secure their homes with these devices as well. Thus, a number of cameras have made their way to the market, each of which differ in their features. They also vary in their prices depending upon these differences and variations. However, the main function of surveillance is performed by all. This means that all security camera systems, irrespective of their features and variations will ensure recording of the event that is taking place in-front of the lens or within the range of the device, and which can be viewed as the event is taking place or later, as recorded videos.

Security cameras systems can be available with the dome camera. The dome camera is so named because of its shape, which resembles a dome. These cameras, once fixed, can be difficult to locate. One cannot easily figure out where the camera exactly is, and this is one reason why the places that are susceptible to attack from hooligans and thugs (malls and local shops) have included it as a mandatory installation within the premises. Usually, these cameras are meant for the insides of buildings. However, the armored domes can be fixed outside as well. Dome cameras come in varied colors and can match the walls or the ceiling where they are installed, thus, camouflaging it all the more.

The bullet cameras are also favored by many. Also to mention, that the shape of this camera is appealing enough, being shaped like a rifle bullet or rather an oversized cartridge! This camera allows the widest angle that can be attained without distorting the picture. Quite similar to the dome cameras the bullet cameras too when used as a part of any Security Camera Systems (usually the closed circuit ones), are meant to cover the interiors of buildings and houses. However, with sufficient weatherproofing these devices can be installed in the exteriors as well. The user may choose systems that record the pictures in black and white or color as per their requirement.

While bullet cameras do provide a very wide range, people do prefer the C-mount cameras for the reason that the lens of these devices can be changed as wished. The lens for these cameras are available from 4mm to 50mm, and thus, one can see the range that people can actually avail by merely replacing one lens for the other. Users can change the range of the lens depending upon the type of coverage they want. Say for example, when used for the living room of a person’s home, the user can go for lens with smaller coverage; and if, he / she wants to place the camera at the entry or exit points where wider coverage is required, then all that needs to be done is replacing of lens, and nothing more. Infrared / night vision is an option that can be included in almost all forms of Security Cameras Systems, and is meaningful too.

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