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Burt Dubin
Every outstanding achievement starts with a minority of one. When
Mohammed Ali announced I am the greatest, only he believed it. And he believed it from the marrow of his bones. Then he prepared himself. He practiced, drilled, rehearsed. Just as you are to do. He strengthened his muscles as he strengthened his resolve. Just as you are to do. He became a powerhouse of implacable commitment to be what he said he was. Just as you are to do.

Think about it. An affirmation, a bald, bold, audacious affirmation became reality. And within his sphere and his time in history, he made himself the greatest.

Is there an idea here for you? I think so. OK, how do you create the conditions and circumstances, the vivid, living, breathing, palpitating reality of you-and I do mean you-being personally great in your sphere, in your time in history-being personally great as an expert who speaks.

It's not so hard. Not if you have a plan.

1. Start with your essence. With your personal essence. What are you really about? What right do you have to stand before audiences sharing your wisdom? What have you to offer that is unique and special? What sets you apart from all other experts who speak? This is your core value. Identify and exploit your core value. Until you do you're not ready for the big room, the main stage, the general sessions or keynote slots.

2. Develop an hour of pure value. Principles and what-to's. Lace it with a touch of humor. Include pauses to let your key ideas sink in. Do your out-of-town tryouts, your shakedown cruise at service clubs. Trim it down. Get the bugs out.

3. Create a couple of hours of how-to's. This is your concurrent session.
Be ready to expand this to whatever time length best works for the clients you want to serve. To see if this will play in Peoria, offer to present fund raisers for Chambers of Commerce near your home. They promote. You present. You split the take 50-50. They love this because it shovels cash into their treasury while it served their community.

4. Now put on your marketing hat. Start to write articles revealing your expertise. If you have case studies, before-and-after tales of the difference your insights make, share them. Discover how to do both inbound and outbound marketing. Market relentlessly

5. Develop your one-sheet and your other marketing tools. Include great letters of commendation: How it was before you came along compared to how it is now. Glowing words of praise about the outcomes you produce.

6. Design your Mission Statement. Make it magnificent. Better yet, let it be transcendent. Allow it to be your guiding light, your reason-to-be.

7. Energize your actions. Get behind your intentions with bulldog tenacity.
Believe wholly in what you're about. Back your belief with fire in your belly. Be resolute about making yourself the master of your personal universe.

About the Author

Burt Dubin, a 20 year veteran of the business of speaking, coaches and mentors speakers and wanna-be's world-wide. For samples of his wisdom, simply go to his web-site, . Down-load some of the 20 FREE articles and 26 FREE newsletters.
1 Speaking Success Road, Kingman, Arizona 86402-6543, USA. Phone 1-800-321-1225. Fax 928-753-7554.
E-mail Burt at:

© Copyright Burt Dubin

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