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There are numerous Access database corruption reasons and symptoms too. With different broken Access databases, the situations of observance may vary. However, the gibberish characters and the failed attempt to open a file form a separate part of symptoms; the popping up of unexpected error message is the most usual one. Error messages show that the database is working out of expectations and need an access repair help. One such error message is:

“Invalid Bookmark”

This is generally encountered when some editing actions are tried out and the failure results with this error message. The user may wonder with the fact that this error message is generating, although any of such has not been specified in the database. Regardless of the fact that there is no more than one user accessing the database simultaneously, you may also get the following error message:

“The Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the data at the same time”

Usually half of the way is done, if you go with the statement of the error message. But this will not help in this particularly case. Mostly, these error messages indicate the sure corruption with the database. While the other reason may contribute towards conflict with the same data being edited simultaneously in a form and a record set etc., which has a simple cure.

On the other hand, users facing database corruption may have the Access Recovery help through the third party applications. These are the software, designed to run the effectual scanning algorithms for all the objects of database.

Extremely wonderful with the availed interface, theseaccess database repair softwares have the power to be effectual in all database corruption cases. Better recommendation would be to be fussy around the choice. Look for read-only like features and of course the achievements of software, in consideration.

Stellar Phoenix Access Recovery software, being the most tremendously designed, runs the most powerful scanning algorithms to have the effective Access Repair. This is Access Recovery application with the marking features and abilities and has set a trend of effectual Access Database Repair.

The software can repair and restore all the corrupted objects including forms, queries, tables and other with the few clicks. Just give the path of file and see the Access Recovery miracle happen.

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