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Michael McLaughlin
Owning a home may well be the best investment many people will ever make in their whole life. The Census Bureau reports a very strong correlation between ones net worth and whether they own a home or not.

OK, but that down payment is difficult to accumulate, right? Sure it is, but it’s one of the best financial efforts you’ll ever do for yourself. Following the tips below will give you some good ideas towards coming up with that first down payment, and help you own your very first home!

1. Mark a date on your calendar. This will be the date by which you will have accumulated the money necessary to purchase your first home. If you don’t follow any of the rest of the tips, make sure and do this one! If you don’t set a target, how can you ever hit it? Right? Pick a date and write it down, and ideally view this written goal every day. Please do this right now, then return to this list to get you brainstorming for money accumulating ideas

2. Set up garage sales. You can sell those things that you no longer need but others can find great use of. You can earn hundreds to even thousands of dollars depending on the items and how long your garage sale is. It’s also a good way of giving more space to your home.

3. Join bazaars. You can invest a little of your money for a small business you can market in bazaars. This is a good way of not only earning cash, but also looking for steady customers and suppliers for your business.

4. Recycle. You just don’t know the potential of your unused bottles, cans, and papers for you. You can sell them in junk shops, or you can convert them to unique objects, which you can then offer at a much higher price. You can also minimize clutter and help preserve the environment.

5. Offer to baby-sit. If you’re just practically at home most of the time or you have few extra hours, you can spend that taking care of children. You can definitely have fun time playing games, reading books, or lounge together in a chair watching television. The good news is you are paid by the hour.

6. Join message boards. Online, there are already a lot of website owners who are looking for someone who can promote their web pages through message boards. You can be it. The job is simple, and you can earn for every post you make.

7. Take freelancing jobs. If you are good at something, you can start working as a freelancer. You simply need to look for one client, and you can start from there. In fact, if you do well, you can get steady income and even more clients. You can also have more control over your time.

8. Join affiliate programs. The nice thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to sell your own products. You just need to look for those who do, and then join their affiliate program, set up a website, and earn money through commissions.

9. Give up some blood. We mean donating your blood to several collection agencies. A lot of them can pay as much as $40 for your donation. What’s more, you can do it twice for every week. Thus, in a month’s time, you can already have an additional $320, and you’ve helped others live.

9. Help your town. Do you have patience in walking a dog? Do you know how to cook, rake leaves, garden, or clean homes? You really don’t have to go far to earn more. You just have to offer any of your manual services to your neighbor. You can do this in a steady basis and earn on an hourly wage.

10. Rent your stuff. Perhaps you own books, dresses, and other items that you think would be excellent for others? You can have them rented if you don’t want to sell them.

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