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Robert Marshall
As with most regulations, the laws surrounding car insurance vary from country to country. In the United Kingdom, there are differing levels of cover for drivers to choose from, though the cheaper options offer less protection in the event of an incident than the more costly options.
The minimum level of insurance in the UK, for vehicles which are not driven but parked on a drive or in a garage, is known as Road Traffic Act insurance, though this is very rarely issued as it only offers the very minimum cover required by law. Road Traffic Act insurance is limited to £250,000 for damage to third party property.
The next level of cover is third party only. This is more commonly used as it also covers not only public roads, but also private property. Occasionally legal protection is offered included in the price, but more commonly has to be purchased on top of the basic premium. If possible, most car drivers will take the next level up from this, and get third party, fire and theft insurance. As the name suggests, this provides the same cover as third party only car insurance in the event of an accident, but also covers loss of, or damage to the vehicle as a result of fire, attempted theft or theft.
Comprehensive insurance is much preferred by those who can afford it as it offers by far the widest cover. It offers the same protection as third party, fire and theft cover, but also enables the policyholder to have their own vehicle repaired in the event of accidental damage. If the car is damaged to the point that repairing it is not financially viable, a decision may be made to ‘write off’ the vehicle. Personal accident insurance is also included, paying out in the event of death or certain injuries that may be sustained in an accident. Passengers within the insured vehicle are also covered for some medical expenses.
Regardless of which form of cover is chosen, car insurance prices will vary dependant on a number of factors. Insurance companies base their quotes primarily on statistics. Young and inexperienced drivers are reported to bFor further information, please visit e involved in accidents more frequently than the general population, and the high cost of insurance for this group reflect this. Whether a car is stored on the road or on a drive or garaged also has an impact on the payable premium. If policyholders prove themselves to be trustworthy on the road, and are not responsible for any accidents, the cost of their car insurance will reflect this. Of course if a driver causes a lot of incidents, their premium will go up accordingly.
Although the world of insurances can seem confusing and daunting for an average consumer, it is an area which cannot be taken lightly. For those who are uncertain in regards to any sort of insurance, FSA registered brokers can make life a lot easier, making certain the level of cover is right for the policyholder.
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