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Anti aging is a very popular topic right now. Aging people (especially women) have always wanted to look younger than they actually are and the skin care market plays an important role in helping achieve this. Skin care is not the only factor which should be considered when creating a good anti aging regimen. What you put into your body will come out of it is the old adage, You are what you eat, is actually very true. By putting the correct foods in your body, your skin displays health which is naturally considered to look younger. You can still grow old gracefully, just at a slower rate of speed. Keep in mind that attitude also has an affect on how old you appear to others. Proper nutrition, combined with regular intake of the following foods will help you look and feel better, which generally predisposes a more positive outlook on life. Stress also affects your appearance and, like attitude, can be helped through your diet.

If you have already begun aging, this anti ageing food and nutrition plan may make you look better to an extent, but it will not reverse the aging that has already occurred. It will, however, give you a glow that is seen as younger skin and it will slow further aging processes. In conjunction with your healthy eating habits, the following anti ageing foods will help your disposition and the health of your skin. Both of these contribute highly to helping you appear younger. Keep the following foods (which actually slow the aging process) in mind when planning your daily food plan:

Organic Apples: these fruits are full of anti oxidants and pectin. Anti oxidants help rid the body (including skin) of toxins and free radicals; pectin lowers cholesterol levels which helps circulation among other things. Removal of the toxins, elimination of free radicals, and lowering the cholesterol levels all have a significant impact on the total body and give the skin a wonderful glow, making your look and feel younger.

Naturally occurring Vitamin C: this nutrient can be found in a variety of foods including berries and citrus fruits among others. Not only is collagen is built by way of this vitamin but it helps keep thread veins from forming in later years.

Brazil Nuts: Selenium is a major offering through these delicious, protein rich snacks. Selenium is not only a terrific anti-oxidant but it is a necessary ingredient for glowing skin, which appears to others as having aged less.

Garlic: garlic is a natural detoxifying agent for the body organs, the largest of these is your skin. Garlic also helps lower blood pressure and the resultant blotchy, red skin associated with high blood pressure. It is also believed that Italians high garlic consumption shows that garlic is associated with adding years to your life.

Red Wine: this exhilarating beverage, when taken in moderation, may help keep both cancer and heart disease at bay. The beautiful red liquid definitely improves circulation to your skin which helps in both toxin removal and a healthy glow. Remember that this is only when wine is taken in moderation, too much alcohol increases the size of blood vessels in the face which makes you look older instead of younger.

Water: Of all the things you can do for both your body and your skin, drinking water is of the utmost importance. Because your body is made up of 60% water, it is extremely important to give it a constant supply of this fluid to replenish and replace the old. Anti aging is very much affected by intake of proper amounts of water.

If you remember that what you take into your body has to come out, hopefully you will put good things in your body. These good things begin to affect the system and the resulting good things come out your skin shows it. The one of the easiest ways to get an idea about another persons health is to look at their face. Generally, sallow skin indicates either poor health or an aging body (which finds it harder to remove toxins). Eat your food (healthy and balanced), keep the above foods in mind as you plan your meals, and drink lots of water and your skin will glow!
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