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Benicio Brown
Talent relating to the creation of animation is a wonderful gift. The creators of animation love it just as much as the people that watch it. In the past, the most creative pieces were constructed via 2D animation, although now, the revolution of 3D technology has meant that this is both better quality and easier to produce. 3D offers both the realism of real life, contrasting with the technologically advanced implementation of computing technology, making it spectacular for the viewers.

All animation starts with a foundation or base, just like a builder would lay foundations for a house. This allows the animators to develop and build on ideas or concepts that they have produced so far. Once they are happy with the ideas that have been developed, animators can focus on using 3D rendering processes to enable their animations to ‘come to life’. The rendering techniques that animators use make a huge difference; they make something good into something amazing.

3D Flash and online 3D illustration have come such a long way over the last 5-6 years or so. Before this time, software resources were available, but at a cost. This meant that if animators wanted to produce a piece then they’d be looking at a huge investment to get software up and running. These days software is cheaper, as well as a lot more capable, which opens many doors for new and experienced animators.

The common misconception is that animation is just something that is used in cartoons, or kids programs. This is simply not true. Anything that has been manipulated via computer technology is classed as animation. This might be building plans made into 3D or even a virtual car design. Animators work in hundreds of industries, not just cartoons!

Where as cartoons were where the 3D animation really took off, there is a new use for it. Businesses throughout the world are showing their professionalism and dominance in their industry by producing ranges of ‘flash’ products or services, making them look special via 3D animation. A typical example these days would be both offline and online marketing companies. These companies use as much outside help to make their company, products or even services look that little bit better. Of course, 3D animation and rendering techniques are exactly what they should be implementing if this is what they want to achieve. Next time you take a look at a marketing company, or even any company trying to sell products, see if their website or brochure catches your eye, and if so, is it because they are implementing 3D animation? Using animation rendering techniques is a way for them not only to make their company look better, but to stand out from the crowd.

Where are 3D animation rendering techniques found elsewhere?

Are you a teacher, or have you been taught? It’s a well known fact that there are a range of ways people take on board new information. The vast majority of students (the topic is irrelevant) respond really well to visual resources such as books, pictures or even computer based visual resources. The internet and computers are so popular these days, that there isn’t actually the need for a teacher. Instead interesting, exciting and educational courses can be put together for use via a computer and then made to be kind to the eye by implementing 3D animation rendering techniques.

Where is the future of 3D animation going?

Like any industry, it is moving extremely fast. A rendering technique used today, might be absolutely useless tomorrow. Software is the key ingredient to producing quality 3D animation. Anyone looking to get into the industry, or already involved will need to have a keen eye for what’s hot and what not, other wise they are likely to be left in the dust. That being said, animation software doesn’t do the work for you, the end product will only be as good as the person behind the computer screen implementing rendering techniques.

To begin with 3D animation was basically operating software. Now, because of the technologically advanced features and processes that can be implemented, it goes much further than that. The more creative and artistic the operator of the software is, the bigger the chance that the end product is going to be something of a masterpiece. The combination of great creativity, experience in the arts industry and the knowledge to operate powerful 3D animation software, using the correct rendering techniques, can create extremely powerful animations.

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