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Author Geeta Rao writes about software Technology
1999 was a time of revolution in technology. The world can be connected instantly by .net service. The common language runtime is the base of the .NET framework.

There are multiple benefits of .net services. It is mainly an object oriented program with perfect consistency. .net service is internet-distributed but operable even remotely. .net service safeguards and secures your privacy. Apart from that, it plays an important role in communication field, ensuring that code based on the .net can be integrated with any other code according to the standard of the industry.
.net is an imperishable gold mine to tech savvy people. The feature rich functionalities of .net have caught an IT field unsparingly. .NET frameworks are compact, concise and yet commercial reaping good yields. The .NET Framework emancipates more controls, enhanced start-up performance, AJAX hold up, and highly potent new graphics features for client development. .net Nuke Services are recession proved. The people who have been used to economic information online are still with it. .NET is a boon for the modern economy. There are three important frame works named NETremoting,.NET remoting and ASP.NET for developing applications. You need to choose which one suits you the best after understanding the functionalities. Web services depend on industry standards to depict.
The common language run time and the .net frame work are main workings where as the common language run time stands as the base. Runtime acts as an agent for memory management, thread management and remoting as well. The code of security and toughness are maintained thoroughly. .net maintains managed as well as unmanaged multiple functionalities. .net has become an integral part of IT industry as such. Internet Explorer is an example of unmanaged application that hosts runtime Following are the different frame works of .net.

NET Framework Technologies
Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
Use WPF for building applications and elevated reliability in Windows Vista.
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Use WCF for building and running associated systems.

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)
Use WF for building workflow-enabled applications on Windows.
Windows Forms
Use Windows Forms for building elegant client applications.
Base Class Libraries (BCL)
The BCL offers the basic building blocks for any application.
.NET Services
Use .NET Services to hook up cloud-based and cloud-aware applications.
ASP.NET is a free technology for building vibrant web applications.
Use ADO.NET to access data sources such as Microsoft SQL Server, OLE DB, and XML.
Common Language Runtime (CLR)
The CLR is the .NET Framework run-time environment.
Windows CardSpace
Windows CardSpace offers the dependable user skill required by the uniqueness metasystem.
.NET Compact Framework
Use .NET Compact Framework to construct applications for Windows CE-based devices.
.NET Micro Framework
Use the .NET Micro Framework to develop for resource-controlled devices.

A .net service offers a wide range of professionally managed services that links you to the world for maintaining and managing your business. Enhancing your skills, it enables you to move on the international platform, simplifying all the complexities you are facing in the business.
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