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Pamela Walker
4 Resident Screening Sales Tips for Property Managers
Resident Screening is just great for business. A good resident check can sell and resell your property management business over and over again. Excellent screening of residents means you can show off a property that is full with paying tenants and that your experience with problem residents is not only exceptional enough to avoid them, but that you have the experience and knowledge to get them in there. Finding clients, selling your services and maintaining a good relationship with them is a lot easier when your resident screening and every method you use for a potential resident check is in place and working for you.
Everything below is designed to let you show your prospective clients how you are using resident screening techniques at every step of the process.
1. Resident Screening Begins With Your Marketing
Every ad or Craigslist Posting needs to spell out the necessity of a background check and credit check. Show your prospective clients the ads and postings you've run no matter where you've put them. Then explain how a majority of undesirable tenants are already thwarted at this early stage of the game.
2. Resident Checks in the Application Process.
Any one that comes to see the apartment should be treated equally. That means all of them need to give consent to the background check and credit check. Anyone who wants to leave with the application is probably not going to come back. If you've done your homework, you know that they need to provide a photo ID and that you are going to match the name, address and date of birth with that on the completed rental application. Any incomplete or smudged, damaged or illegible rental application needs to be rejected. Explain this process in detail to your prospective clients and property owners. If they leave your office with even one valuable tip, they are that much more likely to come back.
3. Resident Check and Check and Check
We'll always back you up with the industry's most thorough search of resident screening databases and software. Most of our property managers are running between 10 and 20 resident screening checks per month. They're impressive reports. We always recommend keeping a few samples around because there is no clearer place to see defaults, evictions and all kinds of credit and collections activity.
4. Not all landlords qualify to buy professional resident screening packages
That gives you, the prospective property manager, a big advantage. If you're running more and better resident checks than your clients are able to, then you're adding value to the package of services you provide. It's that simple.
Your resident screening is also less expensive and since you're looking at them all the time, you've got the expert eyes. Show your prospective clients how to read the professional resident screening reports you receive from Tenant Approve, and then let them think it over.
Proper resident screening is evident in the quality of the tenants and the overall ambiance of the properties you're managing. If you want to discuss how we can help you to get the most out of your next marketing or sales campaign, drop us a line.
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