Today’s businesses face constant pressure to innovate in the face of ongoing change in the world of technology. Rarely is it easy to keep pace with the constant change and meet the challenges of scale when you are relying on repetitive manual processes to get the job done. As such, the best advice you will ever here in the world of business technology is that everything that can be automated should be automated and complexity should be reduced as much as possible. This is what FTPGetter Professional sets out to do by providing a dependable way to create highly tailored automated workflows that require little or no interaction from end users. It provides the best way possible to automate FTP and SFTP transfers at any scale.

While internet connections might be faster than ever, it still takes a lot of time to manually manage file transfers, especially using a protocol like FPT. For example, if you are using a regular FTP client, you must go through the cumbersome and time-consuming process of uploading and downloading each file manually. All the while, browsing through the folder structure often ends up being unresponsive, especially if you have a lot of downloads and uploads in progress. The shear tedium of this approach also makes it much more likely that you will accidentally overwrite an important file, or copy over an outdated file and overwrite the newer one. If the process involves essential website files for your business, this may become a serious issue.

FTPGetter Professional is designed to help you overcome the challenges of scale by providing a way to fully automate FTP and SFTP transfers across any number of remote servers. The learning curve is also minimal thanks to an intuitive user interface that should be immediately familiar to anyone who has used a conventional FTP client before. That being said, the program does not compromise on advanced functionality, thus allowing users to set up automate even highly complex tasks. They can do this using the built-in scripting engine, which uses simple scripting language. For example, users can set up complex tasks like checking for new file creations at specific intervals and updating them as necessary. It also supports file masks to allow users to tell the program to only pay attention to files with specific extensions.

With FTPGetter Professional, batch processing is easier than ever. Using a combination of file masks and batch processing, you can flexibly adjust the lists of files to be transferred. You can also configure a SOCKS proxy server to protect your anonymity and privacy. To safeguard data security and allow you to work with encrypted connections, FTPGetter Professional fully supports TLS security too. Another useful feature is the terminal emulator, which lets users connect to remote servers and execute commands and even entire scripts via a familiar command line environment. The support for local and remote commands also means you can configure the automatic compression (in TAR or GZIP) of files before transfer, to reduce bandwidth use. The files can even be unpacked automatically once they arrive at their destination.

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Vladimir Davidenko