Decorate a Bedroom with Feng Shui for Comfort, Prosperity, and Luck

Bedroom feng shui should be chosen so that the placement of the bed, other furniture, artwork, and mirrors help to create healthy, lucky, and restful energy.

For those seeking advice on the best energy in bedroom décor, there is plenty of information about the ideal placement of doors and windows, and even the ideal location in the house for perfect bedroom feng shui.

But for the average person who has just purchased a house or moved into a new apartment, there is little that can be done about the actual size, shape, or layout of the room. Unless renovations are planned, it is more practical to focus on the little things that can be tweaked or designed without too much effort. The following bedroom feng shui tips should do the trick for almost every home.

Good Energy Basics for the Bedroom

The ideal energy for a bedroom should combine relaxation with revitalization – a calm, soothing environment that can also be vital and sensuous.

Colour: The best colours are both lush and soothing – no hot pinks or reds, lime green, or other jarring colours except as tiny accents. Colour can also be used to balance out issues with the size of the room – see more below.

Artwork: Any images on the walls of the bedroom should be chosen carefully, with an eye to their mood and symbolism. Images that feel lonely or unhappy are not a great idea for the bedroom. It is best to choose artwork with meaning that you would like to bring into your life.

Doors: It is not always possible to design a perfect layout for the bedroom, but one thing that can be done is to keep all doors (bedroom door, en suite bathroom, closets) closed at night while sleeping. This enhances a nourishing flow of energy that is best for health.

Bed Position: If space allows, neither side of the bed should be against a wall, though the headboard (top) of the bed may be. It is best to balance the bed with matching tables on either side, and the bed should not be placed directly in front of the bedroom door. If your room is on the small side, try getting a bed with storage so you have space either side. You can find a good selection here.

Feng Shui Love and Marriage Area of the Bedroom

Feng Shui love and marriage area is located in the south-west of the bedroom. It is responsible for attracting new love and improving current romance and relations.

Balancing a Bedroom’s Shortcomings with Feng Shui

Sometimes, there will be elements of the layout or design flaws in a room that are less than optimal for happiness and health. Bedroom feng shui can be used to negate these elements so they do no harm.

Poison Arrows: Enclosed chimneys, pipes, or other features can create “arrows” where corners of walls point inward, into the room (as opposed to a normal corner which points out). This is particularly seen in near the ceiling in loft or basement apartments. These arrows need to be softened, covered or “dispersed” to protect good luck and health.

Room Size: A room that’s too big or too small can have negative effects, according to feng shui, but these can be balanced with colours or, in the case of a too-large room, using furniture or screens to break the room up into smaller areas. Darker, rich colours can make a large room feel more comfortable, while a small room can be made to feel bigger and airier with light, bright colours.

Décor Elements to Avoid in the Bedroom

There are a few feng shui tips for décor that should be kept out of the bedroom:

Mirrors: Mirrors should never be positioned where they will face the bed. In fact, the ideal feng shui placement for a mirror is somewhere outside the bedroom – it is better to have no reflective surfaces in the sleeping area.

Work, Entertainment, and Other Distractions: For health and quality of sleep, it is best to keep distractions like the tv, computer, and exercise equipment out of the bedroom.

Follow these tips and it is easy to create a restful, energizing bedroom that will be a comfortable and enjoyable haven.