Kitchens have very important roles in the residential Feng Shui, below are some of the Feng Shui kitchen tips to help you with your kitchen.


The location, the design as well as the feng shui basics of a kitchen should all be essential in planning a feng shui floor, and it is important to note the kitchen should be referred to as the feng shui trinity this is because of the kitchen’s utmost important to your general health.


You should get the best kitchen colours that best suit your feng shui. You can check on other websites to get some ideas on colours to be it grey, white or blue shades. The important thing is that you can find the best colour for your feng shui.


You should ensure that you always keep your kitchen spotless, you should also make sure that you regularly clean the drainage and disinfect the sinks, and this is because the kitchen is mostly considered as one of the most important rooms in Feng Shui. Pay close attention to the oven and the hob; this is because the food that it created in a hob is normally meant to nourish you; therefore, it also affects your ability to work as well as earn money.

At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, you should ensure that you keep your oven and the hob spotlessly clean. You should also ensure that you always increase the sensation of abundance as well as good health in your kitchen by hanging fruit and vegetable pictures on the wall of your kitchen.


You can also hang a mirror alongside the dining table, an oven as well as the hob; many people believe that it will help in doubling the food quality as well as enhancing wealth, health, and abundance. Well, this might be superstition, but it is something that most people have also followed, and when you enter a Chinese home, you will notice a mirror is placed alongside the dining table.


Rubbish and recycling containers should be kept out of people’s site. This is because; this type of rubbish does not normally signify health and wealth. You can do this by hanging plastic bags on the hook and ensure that they are thrown away daily. Your kitchen worktops should not be cluttered; this is because doing so can cause frustrations and hence reduce the ability of a cook to prepare good food, and this negative energy from the cook can be seen in the food’s result.


Ensure that all kitchen surfaces are very clear, and all food should be stored, the kitchen appliances that are not used daily should be kept away. You should ensure that your kitchen looks like a social area; this should be done by placing meaningful objects like family holiday images that reflect positive qi. You should always be careful with the exposed kitchen knives; it would be safer if you place them in a wooden block or maybe a draw.