For anyone with a wood-burning fireplace in the home: Firewood accessories; firewood stands, firewood holders and firewood racks, are becoming increasingly popular whatever you want to call them, but do we really need them, are these accessories necessary? Well yes, and no; there are pros and cons so let’s do a bit of investigating:

It is important for me that when spending some hard-earned cash, the product I buy ticks all the boxes. Usually very cautious with purchases, I have been trying to persuade my Sweep to go along with me on a totally outrageous purchase; firewood racks. Not that they are too expensive, but I guess slightly ostentatious when money is tight, and logs can be piled up by themselves just fine. However, I want our deck to look tidy during the winter months; storing wood in the garage is too much hassle, so it needs to be close to our lounge door.

Now is the time to be getting organised for the winter, and if you’re in a part of the world lucky enough to be experiencing summer, then firewood accessories will probably be heavily discounted, or at least in summer sales; or if you’re in the southern hemisphere then winter is hopefully on its way out and sales will also be abundant; but what should you buy, if at all? A firewood stand, firewood holder or firewood racks for all those logs? Well basically, with small differences, they all do the same job, so it’s up to you to choose.

Sure, you could make something to keep your wood pile neat and tidy, but as I point out to Sweep, maybe the time, effort and resources cost more than a readymade product delivered to your door. After all, weekends are already full of jobs and tend to fly by!

Check out products and see which will suit your space and fill your needs. Most importantly, don’t underestimate how much wood you need to accommodate, as you will only end up actually having it strewn around and defeating the whole purpose anyway; if it’s too small, then there will be piles of ramshackle wood, or if it’s too big, then our supposedly organised neat piles of wood will look pathetic on there.

Trivial I know, but you also need to consider how much space can be spared.

Well I’m off to contemplate some more and work on my power of persuasion, but in the meantime, check out what’s best for you and work on it.