Every mum can be a hot, fashionable mum, even if you can’t attain your ideal fit body. Seeing pictures of celebrity mums can either make you feel worse about yourself or inspire you to look your personal best. Some people hang pictures around their house and on the fridge of celebrities with nice bodies for inspiration. some hand up pictures of themselves in their prime. It’s a more realistic goal to look forward too, since you know you can look like that again. But aside from physical fitness and body shape, there are other ways to embrace your beauty and femininity as a mum and avoid the dreaded “mum” look.

  1. Do your hair. Part of what contributes to the dreaded “mum” look is not the size of pants you wear, but the way you cut and style your hair…. or if you do anything with it at all! Having your hair look nice can transform your entire look and take you from “tired” looking to “WHOA SEXY MAMA!”
  2. Are you now thinking “but I don’t have time to do my hair in the morning, it’s a mad rush!” well, all it takes is some preparation at night after the kids are in bed.
  3. Not. Wear. Mum. Jeans! These consist of a high-waisted denim pant that is roomy in the hips and thighs and then tapers down to a skinny ankle. Just because skinny jeans are in style, does not mean you can get away with wearing skinny ankle mum jeans!
  4. Donate anything Frumpy! You know you have it in your closet, the top or sweater that you love to wear, yet every time you wear it, your husband teases you that you look like a grandma. If this is you, and you know who you are…. STOP! Get rid of it. Donate it to the Goodwill so an actual grandma can buy it with a few coins from her little coin purse. Feeling self-conscious about your body is no excuse to dress in a way that makes you look even more lumpy and bumpy. Instead, go for a tailored look, layering nice fitted jackets over a fitted shirt. Check out my article How to Hide Weight Gain for more ideas on how to dress to flatter a slightly fatter figure.
  5. Do your make-up, even if it’s a quick job. Even if you are not big on make-up, you can brighten up and freshen your look with some under eye concealer and a swipe of mascara on top eyelashes to look brighter and more awake. I recently discovered Bare Essentials Mineral Make-up and I will NEVER go without it again. It goes on so light you don’t even feel like you are wearing make-up plus it is fast and easy to apply. No special beauty skills required. I apply some powder under and around my eyes and use the warm powder to add a natural looking glow to my face and I instantly look and feel 10 times better! I can literally change my complexion from blah to aw in 1 minute.
  6. Add an accessory to avoid looking like a plain Jane, even if it’s just a pair of big, stylish sunglasses or a headband. Pick out clothing and/or accessories that will help you enhance your best features. Even if your best feature is your feet, then wear cute sandals and a toe ring and don’t forget the nail polish.

Further Tips

I tried an imitation CHI ceramic hair flattener at first, but it didn’t really do a great job of getting my hair straight, smooth and silky. After spending FOREVER straightening my wavy, crazy hair with not good results with the imitator, I got online and bought a CHI. It was the best investment ever! Even on days when I wake up in a rush and my hair is kind of frizzy and fro-y, I can quickly smooth it out with my CHI. It heats up incredibly fast too. If I straighten my hair at night and go to bed without a pony-tail, it looks great in the morning when I wake up. I would pretty much tell anyone that a high-quality Ceramic hair straightener is essential, even if you have shorter hair.

Look for timeless pieces when shopping for new clothes. Stick to basic colours and styles that are flattering to your body.

Don’t dress too maturely for you age. And don’t be afraid of dressing young for your age. Dressing “age appropriate” doesn’t mean dressing like a grandma just because you are a grandma.