Does it feel like your home is running out of space? Or rather, is it becoming overcrowded? Well, before you think about moving. Is your loft space utilized? If the answer is no, then the good news is, you don’t need to move anymore. You can convert your loft into an extra room, storage space like these examples on or anything else you wish.

Loft conversions are increasing in popularity, day after day. By converting your loft, you will have access to more floor space in your house. Moreover, you don’t need any permission to convert your loft. To help you understand more about loft conversions, here are its pros and cons.

The Pros
1. Extra Space
There is no one who would appreciate getting more space in their homes. As you grow old, not only does your family increase in size but so does your property. After a while, you will realize that what you once saw as a mansion has shrunk in size and it’s gotten smaller.
Converting your loft as mentioned earlier will create more space in your home. You can use this space for storage, or as an extra bedroom. Whatever idea you have in mind, you can utilize this extra space to achieve it. If you have always wanted to have a secluded room where you can relax and spend quality time in your home. Then your loft can make your dream a reality.
2. It’s Cheap
Loft conversions are becoming popular since they are a cheap alternative. Many homeowners, instead of moving to a new place, they would prefer just to convert their loft. If you are looking for ways on how to create extra space and you have a small budget, then you could opt to convert your loft. It is cheaper than adding extensions or moving to a new home. They are cheap since there isn’t any alteration that is done on the structures.
3. It Doesn’t Affect Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal
As a homeowner, you have probably worked tirelessly to give your home a beautiful look. The benefit of converting your loft is that it improves the home’s aesthetic appeal. Unlike extensions which could make your home have an ugly/abnormal shape. Moreover, if you are living in a neighbourhood with a certain design, adding an extension could make your home appear odd from that of your neighbours.

The Cons
1. They Can Be Tight and Narrow
Depending on the design of your house. A loft conversion could end up being tight and narrow. In most cases, the ceiling is usually not above 2 meters. Therefore, standing up and moving in the loft may be limited to some extent.
2. You can Forget about Storage Space
Unless the reason for your loft conversion is to increase storage space. When you convert it into an office or something else, you can forget about extra space. You will have succeeded in turning it into a functional room, but you won’t be able to store junk in there.
3. You’ll need to get contractors in. Unless you are very handy, it is extremely unlikely you will be able to complete this work yourself, and you will need to hire specialist contractors.

When you weigh out the pros and cons, you will notice that the pros of a loft conversion are more. If you were considering a loft conversion, then this should give you a go ahead.