Managing a warehouse is no easy task. This is because it highly depends on the nature of the supply chain system of the warehouse. This said however certain principles should be followed to ensure effective working and safety of the warehouse. Many companies do get it wrong in most times as several mistakes frequently occur. They include:

  1. Keeping too much inventory

Regardless of the knowledge people have on the field of warehousing, inventory reduction, and encouragement of lean practice, bulky inventory remains a major challenge in this sector. This is still one of the major issues warehouses face year after year. To avoid all this, there should be a way to put out to ensure inventory is reduced. This is a possible thing, and it leaves you with less money tied on the stock. This means that the deals that seem too good to turn down are taken every time. It is therefore of great importance to ensure you have the right plans with those bringing the goods in so that they can deliver them in proportions.

2. Picking rates problem

This is a mistake most warehouse management do, and it normally handicaps their picking rate. This in another way will influence on the supply chain cycle times and then bring up numerous labour cost due to sub-optimal productivity. The solution to this is that one should ensure their warehouse operatives can complete one of these runs specifically at given points of pickups. It is usually a hard task to bring in the right points of collection, but it is a worthwhile to take the time to ascertain efficiency.

  1. Hanging too much on paperwork

This happens if you are so defiant to adopt new technology in the workplace. This will result in inefficient and bulky paperwork which is susceptible to numerous mistakes. Papers may be misplaced sometimes. There are those that think that paperwork is keeping things easy, but it is the opposite. It has a lot of delays. To solve all this, you will be required to turn to technology and gets your work done digitally. This way your work will be more efficient, and the probability of you is losing efficient information greatly minimized. There is software that has been developed to ensure workflow is simplified and efficient. They ensure that the paper-based process which is tedious and time wastage is eradicated. The use of technology is effective and saves you money as well as conserve the environment.

  1. Insufficient health and safety management

Ensuring your warehouse is up to the health standards is not an easy task. This involves ensuring that safety is advocated for especially for the hidden hazards and for the visible ones as well. People more than likely tend to forget about health and safety due to their busy schedule here and there carrying out every operation. It doesn’t mean that if no accident has happened then safety is adhered to. A warehouse is a dangerous place of work. There are daily near misses of accident resulted from falling objects and other activities. Measures should be put in place to ensure proper analysis of accident causes and try to minimize them or eradicate them.

  1. Ignoring the development of your staff

There are a handful of activities that go on each day. The budget is sometimes tight, and this usually means staff development is neglected. One thing that should be understood is that the employees are the most critical asset in an organization. If staff development is ignored, then it normally leads to high staff turnover. Keeping employees motivated is better than filling up positions with new employees who lack the required experience on the job.