Moving from your country to another country can sometimes be overwhelming. However, you should not be overwhelmed, especially if you are moving from the UK to Spain, below are some of the things to expect when relocating to Spain.

Spain is recovering

Spain has begun to overcome the banking and the price of house crisis that it once faced. It has become the fastest growing big four euro economies. It has achieved to beat Germany, Italy as well as France with the growth of the economy in its capital that is expected to surpass the Eurozone averages. For Spanish property bargains see

No visa is needed

Due to the cooperative Schengen agreement, countries from the EU, EEA, as well as the nationals of Swiss, will not require any permit or rather a via in order to live in Spain, whether they are there to work or study, that makes one less form that should be filled out.

Spaniards have a lot of names

Every Spaniard must have two surnames that are inherited from the first surname of the father as well as the first surname of the mother. This, therefore, leads to the creation of a new hybrid surname.

Ketchup is not okay

With a country that likes cooking, there are many social places in Spain that basically deal with food. It is advisable that you first taste your food before you can reach for the salt or the pepper. Seasoning your food might just offend the host; you should never use ketchup while in Spain.

Nothing gets done in August

This might be more of an exaggeration, but you need to take this advice. You should never schedule any important thing to be done in August while in Spain. In many cities, you will see a mass exodus, even the bakeries, and the pharmacies close and only open on a part-time basis. This happens almost everywhere in Spain apart from the coastal towns such as Barcelona whose peak season is normally in August.

You should shop and bank in morning hours

Many shops are closed for lunch or rather siesta. Well, unless you find yourself in a major city like Madrid. Since you might not be used to this, you can get yourself an online bank or as well set the alarm, this is because those banks that are on the high street normally close in the midday.

Spaniards like sharing. For you to make quick friends in Spain, you should learn to share, especially when you find yourself in an eatery with your colleagues or mates, do not take a plate of food all to yourself, everything is about sharing.

On your birthday, nobody will care to buy you a drink or even lunch; it is basically up to you to make your friends or colleagues happy. Therefore, if you are working there, do not expect your colleagues to shower you with presents and cards. Everything should be on you if it is your birthday. And if you have children, they should go to school with sweets to share with their classmates if it is their birthday.